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Sitting in the Back Seat – as the NHS family car goes over the cliff edge

So, what would or should you do? You’re sitting in the back seat of the family car, minding your own business, in fog (it is the Autumn of our discontent, after all) and you suddenly become aware that there’s a very near cliff and the driver seems oblivious. Naturally, you’d point it out. But what if the driver said either “I don’t believe you” or “don’t worry, we won’t go over it”? You might ask why the driver appears to be oblivious to the risk or in denial over the cliff’s existence. But what if YOU can SEE the cliff yourself? More provocatively, if you did nothing despite knowing the cliff is there and the car pitches over, complete with all its less observant passengers, does that absolve you from culpability, knowing you could have done something? Is that the leadership-like thing to do? And how does it feel to be in that car, conveniently blaming the driver from the moral high ground, as it plummets towards the base of the cliff? Perhaps the biggest questions right now are whether there is a cliff we are going over and whether you are in the backseat of that vehicle. It’s uncomfortable reading from here on.

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