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Professional Choices Morning Session Filling Rapidly

In response to an increasing number of requests, we have organised a further session to help consultant personally deal with the increasingly irreconcilable circumstances they are finding themselves in. This includes overwhelming load, unsafe services and a pressure to adopt terms and conditions that are disadvantageous, almost always backed up by “it’s for the greater good”

The biggest challenge is that individuals get to a point where they feel ‘enough is enough’ but then they do not know what to do about it. Sinificant career decisions or major life changes get put off due to feelings of worry and fear that it is ‘you’ making a big deal of it and you could be about to do something stupid. That’s the prehistoric part of your brain playing havoc with your rational decision-making.

So, we have again organsied a session, on a Saturday morning, to look at current circumstances, as well as discover how to exercise proper emotional control over your decision-making, so that you return it to a genuinely rational and informed modus operandi. These are very tough issues to deal with, and quite personal, so the morning is best characterised as supportive, open and what get’s shared in the room, stays in the room. These are all individuals who are in the same boat – thinking that personal changes are necessary but wanting to ensure they are doing the right thing.

It’s filling quite fast…

Professional Choices, Risk, Threat & Opportunity in Troubled Times

Saturday 5th November 2016 (morning)
Holiday Inn Regents Park

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(organised under our Grow Medical company)

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