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The Essence of Academyst in a Page

In a few words, we hope to convey the essence of our passionate pursuit of a better healthcaresystem with stable, successful clinical services as its backbone. At present it isn’t stable and clinical, operational and financial pressures are mounting but everything we need to know to create that stability for any single organisation is known, technically and behaviourally. It’s our mission to help you utilise this insight to grasp what to many seems like a Holy Grail – successful transformation into a stable, successful form.

The Partners

Andrew Vincent, Partner

The driving force behind the organisation is Andrew Vincent and it is his passionate desire to really make healthcare work in the face of monumental challenge that permeates everything we do. His renowned Insights Programme has provided the mobilising energy and insight for many a clinical team to start their transformation journey and his deep insight into leadership and behaviour has assisted them in genuinely transforming.

Sara Watkin, Partner & Medical Director

Sara leads our work in key areas, namely financial and operational effectiveness for clinical services, herself leading a £20 million complex clinical service in London. With 20 years as a practising consultant in neonatal medicine and many years in the service lead role, she is renowned for bridging the gap between clinical services and the managerial infrastructure to create powerful, collaborative approaches to today’s challenges.

What we Do

Our Work Focus

We passionately pursue leadership, transformation & behavioural insight that genuinely transforms clinical services and then we make that insight, knowledge and skills useful and accessible, so that healthcare teams can significantly enhance what they achieve and how easily they achieve it. We offer support in the form of open courses, in-house training, e-learning, consulting, tools and evaluations. We have a particular focus on:

  • Leadership & Behaviour
  • Transitioning to Service-as-Business (Service Line Management)
  • Transformation & Healthcare Improvement

It’s true to say that our greatest impact comes from working with clinical teams to radical transform their own ability to face the monumental challenges arising in our system.

Our Impact

We wondered if we could capture it in 3 testimonials that go to the heart of why we have so much impact on mindset, behaviour & capability. Here goes…

After returning from the Clinical Leadership course held by this training provider, I have to say, my impression was that I had attended the best course in my career
Consultant & Head of Service, Emergency Medicine – Russell’s Hall Hospital

This organisation has a passion which is reflected in the content, delivery & enthusiasm. It is inspirational
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Royal Gwent Hospital

This course stimulates thinking rather than focussing on theory. I would certainly recommend.
Consultant Surgeon and Clinical Lead, Ealing Hospitals NHS trust

Be kind, it’s just 3 testimonials out of so many but we felt they captured the essence of our approach.

Our Guarantee

We’ve come to realise that everyone promises the earth and all too frequently fails to deliver on their promises. We never want that to be us and so we choose to guarantee all that we do, 100% without quibble. That probably says quite a lot about our consistency, reliability and impact.

Why We Do It

Our Guiding Ideal

You’ve probably gathered by now that whereas we rightly expect a decent rate of return for the work that we do, we so obviously don’t do it ‘for the cash’. Ironically, this is the easiest bit of the whole page to be succinct on. Quite simple…

We’re passionate about really making healthcare work

It needs to. Currently it isn’t. And we’re very driven to change that in all sorts of ways. It’s easy to be sceptical but then you don’t need to be because we guarantee everything. So try it. Simple really.