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100% Guaranteed

Unique reassurance that we’ll do a great job

We provide this as much for us as we do for you. Just knowing it’s there is our reminder to be prepared, go the extra mile and deliver an exceptional result consistently, despite the difficulty of the challenges we all face. For you, it’s a sign of our rock solid commitment to getting things right and having the impact we claim.

Alignment of interests

We advocate this in all walks of leadership and life and not just in our guarantee. However, a key purpose of our 100% guarantee is that it aligns yours and our interest. You need something specific achieving and we need to make sure we do exactly that. It ensures we operate as a true development or transformation partner, rather than ‘just a contractor’. That can make all the difference in difficult times.


  • We’ll deliver the right impact or your money back*
  • No quibble, no hassle
  • No weird clauses like claims being signed by both Great, Great, great Grandparents
  • Your budget is protected so that you don’t have to worry when commissioning work
A bit of narrative

Essentially, we are sufficiently certain of our work quality and impact, in even the toughest circumstances, that we guarantee everythfouning we do in-house. This means that you don’t have to run the gauntlet of risking your limited funds if it doesn’t work out. It’s that simple.

Everyone ‘promises’ to deliver. We guarantee it, unconditionally.

*Guarantee extends to the fees only, not out-of-pocket expenses. It’s a genuine, no quibble guarantee with the sole condition that if day 1 of a multiday programme is not right, you must invoke the guarantee before subsequent days (which will be cancelled). An alternative is that we run the day again, to get it right.