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Understanding our Core Competence

We Assimilate Understanding

By assimilate, we mean we learn, find, discover, explore, challenge, develop, research insight and then put this into an understandable, logical, synthesised form that enables people to do something genuinely useful with it, driven by asking good questions like “what do people really need to be doing and what stands in the way of that?”

Our Core Arenas

  • The Emerging Healthcare Landscape
  • Leadership, Behaviour, Motivation & Interaction
  • Innovation & Complex Problem Solving
  • Transformation, reform and re-design
  • Clinical Business Excellence (Business skills & principles applied appropriately to healthcare, or Service Line Management, if you like)
  • Personal Effectiveness & Achievement

Of course, they are all linked and completely interdependent, part of the very reason why it has proved so difficult to work out what to do and how to do it.

A bi-product of the above process is developing a huge insight across the range of soft skills from communication to assertiveness and all sorts of other areas. We don’t see this so much as our core purpose (really making healthcare work by solving these immensely challenging, complex, leadership, behavioural and system-mediated, interdependent conundrums) but it is very much consistent with our core purpose i.e. it contributes to successful healthcare delivery. Being really good at it allows to us use the proceeds to support our core purpose, which in turn makes us even better at it, as well as providing an opportunity to share that wider purpose in case anyone might like to do more. Enquire

Our Corresponding Support

We can develop and run anything from a half-day programme for a few to a region-wide, extensive programme for thousands, utilising both traditional and the very latest learning methods. The benefit of our in-house solution is that we can table your specific issues as part of the programme, ensuring that we help you overcome the specific challenges that you are facing alongside the learning journey itself. We utilise our Academyst Membership Backbone, with over 200 hours of e-learning and expert lectures in leadership, behaviour, change and the road ahead to deliver exceptional development and complex problem resolution with massive impact and the lowest possible cost. Our combined learning and doing platform will blow your mind.

Typical Programmes (The Essence)

Below are just some of the areas we have experience in. However, our specialist areas are three-fold:

  • Taking a seemingly intractable and complex problem, diagnosing the issues and supporting its resolution, usually through a programme that combines learning with doing
  • Developing understanding in services of the road ahead and then providing the support, guidance and insight necessary to transform in alignment with it
  • Developing an almost unimaginable level of leadership insight, skill and impact with the very latest thinking


Typical Challenges

Another way of considering what we do is to look at the challenges you face that we commonly resolve:

  • Developing strategy in an era of uncertainty
  • Reducing clinical-managerial divides & improving collaborative working
  • Supporting financial reform and turnaround (we’d rather we helped beforehand to prevent it though)
  • Resolving complex, double-loop problems from within
  • Building change management capacity and insight
  • Evolving culture
  • Developing competitiveness and strategy
  • Resolving conflict
  • Sickness & absence reduction
  • Improving performance
  • Reducing cost & improving financial performance
  • Enabling change
  • Fixing patient experience
  • Resolving motivation & morale issues
  • Establishing robust leadership & management

Essentially, if the challenge involves people and leadership, then we are confident we can deliver. Enquire

Understanding our Competence by Topic

Typical Learning Elements or Topics

  • Leadership – our core strength, with the very latest insight for all levels of staff
  • Transformation – from re-design to cultural reform
  • Complex Problem Solving – the Holy Grail made comparatively straight forward
  • Management Development
  • Time Management & Work-Life Balance – tailored to the specific context of the group
  • Core Leadership & Management Skills for Service Leaders – combined programmes
  • Newer Consultants
  • Clinical Governance and Risk
  • Assertiveness – delivered in a supportive, behaviour-enhancing manner
  • Communications, Influencing & Negotiations
  • Presentation Skills – basic and advanced
  • Appraisals, Mentoring & Coaching – including how to set up a good system
  • Revalidation & Strengthened Appraisals
  • Team-building & Effective Team Performance
  • Performance Management
  • Understanding finance and service financial management
  • Rectifying Poor Performance – systemically and in individuals e.g. a junior doctor
  • Motivation – including how to build motivating, high performance environments


Clinical Business Excellence (Service Line Management)

Today, services need to rapidly adapt to a very different, high risk, high consequence competitive environment. That’s where we really come in to our own. We have the most extensive range of programmes specially to put services on the straight and narrow, permanently.

  • Insights – Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape
  • Core Skills in Strategic Business Excellence for Service Leaders
  • Core Skills in Clinical Effectiveness & Improvement
  • Core Skills in Marketing, PR & Referral Management for Clinical Services
  • Mastering Business Development, Partnership Working & Tendering
  • Core Skills in Creating Excellence in Patient Experience
  • Core Skills in Finance & Business Planning for Consultants & Clinical Leaders
  • Optimising Cost Improvement Programmes at a Service Level
  • Advanced Influencing, Negotiation & Engagement Skills
  • Developing and Effective Reputation
  • Service Competitiveness
  • Developing Strategy & Reaching Consensus

We can build an intelligent programme or journey involving training, e-learning and hand-holding to ensure that transformation happens and sticks. Enquire