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The Partners

Andrew Vincent

Partner & Head of Clinical Business Excellence

ajvAndrew is Partner of Academyst LLP and Head of Clinical Business Excellence, specialising in assisting clinical services in complex transformations, including adapting to a provider-based market economy. His inspiring approach is to build a far better understanding across teams of how healthcare policy change is likely to affect them, to help them define their transformational journey, whilst utilising his deep understanding of leadership and behaviour to enable them to actually achieve that transformation. He is renowned for his deep insight into the emerging healthcare agenda and for his insight into the mindset and behaviours of those affected by this agenda, especially in clinical teams.

Andrew’s career started in pharmaceuticals, culminating in an International senior management responsibility for a division with a turnover of some $200+ million and a huge international workforce of immense cultural diversity. Periodically, Andrew still consults in this sector and is highly respected for his ability to define successful business models and strategy for rapidly changing environments. A vigorous writer, he is an Oxford University Press author and has an MBA (with Distinction – very proud…) from Manchester. However, despite his academic credentials, it is his huge breadth and depth of experiences from across the UK healthcare arena that he brings to the table, along with a no nonsense approach to raising the real issues in the way of genuine service transformation.
Tel: +44 (0) 1332 418 152

Dr Sara Watkin

Partner & Medical Director

saraSara leads our work in key areas, namely financial and operational effectiveness for clinical services, herself leading a £20 million complex clinical service in London. With 20 years as a practising consultant in neonatal medicine and many years in the service lead role, she is renowned for bridging the gap between clinical services and the managerial infrastructure to create powerful, collaborative approaches to today’s challenges.

Sara believes passionately in a collaborative approach between clinical teams and their managerial counterparts, understanding that both have difficult, sometimes seemingly impossible challenges to face where the agendas don’t always run in alignment. She is a strong advocate for training excellence, especially for junior doctors. Sara leads two practice areas for Academyst – Financial Training for Clinicians and Job Planning Training – as well working in senior leadership and transformation with Andrew.
Tel: +44 (0) 1332 418 152

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The Office Team

Sue Bould

Executive Assistant
In addition to her role as Andrew’s Executive Assistant, Sue handles all of the day-to-day running of the Company, along with financial management, scheduling of courses and keeping everyone, especially Andrew, firmly on the road. It’s Sue you’ll speak to if you don’t pay the bills and Sue who essentially runs Andrew’s life. If you’re getting a picture of a highly organised, super-efficient super-assistant who’s constantly pulling her own hair out as the Partner’s strive to randomly circumvent her well-formed systems… that’s Sue!
Tel: +44 (0) 1332 418 152

The Consultant & Training Team

As a Group

We are a highly committed group of senior individuals, passionate about healthcare, with a deep understanding of leadership, behaviour and transformation, on a mission to really make healthcare work. We believe that almost everything we need to know is known (and evidence-based). The challenge is that it is dispersed, incoherently put together (or just not put together at all), difficult to access and really not very well understood by the myriad of people who need it including, ironically, many of the people responsible for leading or developing others. We would like to change that from the bottom up and the top down. After all, as senior individuals, none of us are so far from needing a lot more support from our health service – it needs to be there for us too!


Mr Andrew Vincent, Partner, Aspiring Social Champion
  • The driving force and passion behind the company and personally driven by really making
    healthcare work by addressing its true challenges including (especially) the leadership and behaviour ones
  • Background in senior management in healthcare-related business
  • MBA, with Distinction (from Manchester… very proud)
  • Extensive insight and experience in the emerging healthcare landscape, what’s
    driving it and what it means for Trusts, Services & Individuals
  • Special interest in the motivations of and influences on behaviour, motivation and morale
  • Specialist in authentic, productive leadership of health services in the modern, competitive healthcare economy
  • Provides consultancy in complex, human performance related areas
  • MBTI®, SDI®, FIRO-B® Accredited
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Marketing (a long time ago…)
  • Author, Oxford University Press
Dr Sara Watkin, Partner, Medical Director
  • Lead Clinician and Consultant Neonatologist, University College London Hospitals
    NHS Foundation Trust (a £20 million acute, intensive, highly complex service)
  • Acute specialty consultant of nearly 20 years (totally doesn’t look her years)
  • Clinical Director or Service Lead for nearly 10 years in total (multiple occasions – glutton for punishment)
  • Clinical Lead for a Managed Clinical Network for 2 years
  • Educational Supervisor and College Tutor for many, many years
  • Editor-in-Chief The Consultant Journal, incorporating Quality, Governance & Experience and Clinical Career
  • Author, Oxford University Press
  • Passionate about effective leadership of clinical staff with a special interest in the
    effective leadership of junior doctors, workforce reform & change
  • Renowned for her strong belief that clinical services and management must work successfully together
Paul Hollinshead, Personal Development & Leadership Trainer & Coach
  • Huge academic background in leadership, management and change programmes across
    the public and private sectors, including…
  • Senior Lecturer Derbyshire Business School on MBA programmes (former)
  • Masters Programme Leader for Derbyshire Business School
  • Wrote and accredited JCB Leadership Development suite of programmes
  • Successful leadership development across a wide spectrum of complex clients including, besides healthcare,
    some of our best known names; JCB, British Midland, Thames Valley Water, Powergen & Saint Gobain
  • Paul is a natural inspirer of people with a passion for striving for excellence
John Jupp OBE, Leadership, Management & Change Specialist
  • Set up the internationally regarded RAF Leadership Centre & became Office Commanding
  • Established & ran the RAF Senior Leadership Team
  • Designed & delivered an inspirational leadership programme to senior executives of
    English Institute of Sport (and you’ll note that UK sport has done quite well recently…)
  • Significant leadership development expertise through Exeter Centre for Leadership Studies
  • Led the team deploying RAF fire fighters in 2002 for Fireman’s strike, whilst
    planning the deployment of 10,000 personnel to Gulf War 2
  • Training in Advanced Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring, Human Factors & Emotional Intelligence
  • Significant knowledge and experience in behavioural change & leadership,
    especially in times of turbulence (or complete crisis too – might be useful)
  • John has a level of gravitas that the rest of us aspire to
Vaughan Roberts, Leadership Trainer & Coach
  • Specialist in leadership development in healthcare and public sector
  • Accredited Trainer in Professor John Adair’s Action-Centred Leadership (ACL)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management (FInstLM)
  • Diploma in Business Support
  • Performance management, appraisal and revalidation specialist
  • Significant experience both at senior management and director level of leading,
    motivating & developing individuals and teams in large, multi-site commercial organisations
  • Successfully managed stand-alone store operations & regional sales teams for
    B&Q in the highly competitive and customer service focused retail sector
  • High growth business coach & mentor
  • Extensive management consultancy experience in both the private & public sectors
  • Vaughan is renowned for making things practical and useful, something valued immensely by those he helps