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Our Motivation and Drive

It all starts with ‘why’

We are a company built entirely on the founder’s inner drive and passion, around a singularly important issue. Andrew describes this as his Guiding Ideal and it influences everything we do and certainly how we do it. That ideal is:

“Passionate about really making healthcare work”

If you ask Andrew why, his answer is “because it has to, for all our sakes, and because I believe I have something genuinely valuable & insightful to contribute”. If you’d like to understand this more, see his Personal Message (if you’re brave enough). Read Founder’s Introduction

What we do, how we do it and whether we’re even prepared to do it is very much driven by this guiding idea.

Our Vision

(Andrew’s really, but we share it and all do our bit)

To be the inspirational and instrumental catalyst that enables healthcare to positively transform and really work in challenging times

Our Mission

Restoring the NHS to greatness* again by passionately inspiring & enabling the people most committed to healthcare to really make it work for the benefit of us all

*Greatness, in our minds would be a combination of sustainable, patient-focused, compassionate clinical excellence, delivered in a manner that makes healthcare professionals (of all professional persuasions, clinical, managerial or otherwise) genuinely proud and excited to come to work and our population to be proud (and protective) of the system we have

Our Sacrosanct Beliefs

Much of ‘how’ we do what we do is based around the following set of 6 core beliefs, which you’ll see throughout our writing, work and results.

  • Leadership, innovation & transformation are collaborative activities, not combative (unless you don’t know how to do them!)
  • Learning & doing should be concurrent activities (they are far less effective when isolated)
  • Doing needs a platform and open collaboration (currently, the NHS is not good at ‘doing’ collectively)
  • Leadership needs to be distributed and collaborative at all levels
  • Healthcare is a responsibility requiring stewardship from all who act in it, preside over it or rely on it (and consequently, career, business or political success should be a function of successful stewardship, never at the expense of it)
  • Everything that we need to know is available (but needs to be made accessible and understandable) and that we have everything we need to successfully transform anything

Our Value Proposition

Whether an individual, service, Trust or whatever, we will enable you to really make healthcare work, more swiftly and to a greater degree than you ever thought possible, by delivering greater understanding, deeper insight and more practical skill alongside the means & guidance to make it a reality.

What we ask of you

Our only condition is this (and we’re very serious about it) – you must use what we share with genuine stewardship, motivated by a desire or compulsion to really make healthcare work.