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This is both simple and yet complex to convey because a simple, practical description totally under-describes how
we do it and the impact we have. So, we’ve tried to break it down, sensibly.

In a Nutshell

We make insight, knowledge and skills useful and accessible, so that healthcare teams can significantly enhance what they achieve and how easily they achieve it. We offer support in the form of open courses, in-house training, e-learning, consulting, tools and evaluations. We have a particular focus on:

  • Leadership & Behaviour
  • Transitioning to Service-as-Business (Service Line Management)
  • Transformation & Healthcare Improvement

Beyond this, it becomes more complex to explain but also where our true innovation is applied. Consequently, how you discover more is based on 4 choices, one of which continues this page and three of which take you to new pages.

2 Options or Pathways of Discovery

To try and make our work digestible, we have considered how you might want to approach understanding it.

1. The Traditional Approach (if in doubt)

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2. The Modern Approach (useful if organising training for others)

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Insight, Knowledge & Skills

We assimilate insight, knowledge and skills and provide them in useful forms.Let’s examine some of them.

Open Courses

A range of 1- to 3-day programmes, packed with the best of our insight into a highly practical form and covering the above core arenas and the wider range of soft skills. Many are backed up but additional learning, resources and support to ensure that they are as useful and comprehensive as is humanly possible. Show me the Open Courses

Conferencing & Low Cost Events

This is an industry we are challenging. We believe that conference companies generally run anything they think might attract people at costs that make them inaccessible to most (we might almost say ‘parasites’ to limited healthcare resources). Conferences are an essential component of disseminating current thinking and discussing prominent issues. They should run because they are providing a valuable platform in necessary topic areas and in a form that makes them genuinely accessible to far more people. So, that’s what we’re doing. I don’t think we’re popular with ‘everyone’ (like other conference and event companies, for instance). Enquire for more information

In-house Training

We run a huge amount of programmes for Trusts, Services and Groups, each one utilising the best of our insight applied to the issues that the group needs addressing. We think you’ll find us better than anyone around and yet you won’t be paying a premium (quite the opposite). What’s more, everything we do is 100% guaranteed. Explore our Specialist Training Services

Learning Subscriptions

This is a primary method of disseminating learning and understanding to the largest possible number of people at the lowest possible cost. We can’t possibly explain the innovation and value behind this but we can confidently say that it will change the way anyone and everyone thinks about learning and development in our core areas.

Explore Subscriptions for Individuals Explore Subscriptions for Groups

Learning Academies

The best way of thinking about an academy is that it is a learning subscription fully integrated into a platform that allows groups to apply it and move progress forward. Think of it has learning and doing combined – one of our core principles. If subscriptions are a ground-breaking innovation then academies are going to blow your mind, genuinely.Explore Learning Academies

Supporting Tools

We realise that sometimes people need help evaluating, benchmarking, auditing, reflecting and more, in order to work out how best to apply what they are learning. We have an active programme of web-based tool development designed to support the implementation of the learning in subscriptions and academies. Watch this space.Discover what’s already available

In More Detail

Solving leadership, behaviour and transformation challenges

We can develop and run anything from a half-day programme for a few to a region-wide, extensive programme for thousands, utilising both traditional and the very latest learning methods. The benefit of our in-house solution is that we can table your specific issues as part of the programme, ensuring that we help you overcome the specific challenges that you are facing alongside the learning journey itself. We utilise our Academyst Membership Backbone, with over 200 hours of e-learning and expert lectures in leadership, behaviour, change and the road ahead to deliver exceptional development and complex problem resolution with massive impact and the lowest possible cost. Our combined learning and doing platform will blow your mind. Enquire

Typical Programmes (The Essence)

Below are just some of the areas we have experience in. However, our specialist areas are three-fold:

  • Taking a seemingly intractable and complex problem, diagnosing the issues and supporting its resolution, usually through a programme that combines learning with doing
  • Developing understanding in services of the road ahead and then providing the support, guidance and insight necessary to transform in alignment with it
  • Developing an almost unimaginable level of leadership insight, skill and impact with the very latest thinking

These can be summarised as developing the right approach to tackling modern-day service challenges that involve strategic or operational issues arising out of the emerging environment and requiring service transformation or improvement. Enquire

Typical Learning Elements or Topics

An easy way to see what we do is to examine the range of courses or topics listed below. However, if it isn’t on the list it doesn’t mean we can’t conduct it. We’ll be honest about what we can and can’t do because we guarantee everything!

  • Leadership – our core strength, with the very latest insight for all levels of staff
  • Transformation – from re-design to cultural reform
  • Complex Problem Solving – the Holy Grail made comparatively straight forward
  • Management Development
  • Time Management & Work-Life Balance – tailored to the specific context of the group
  • Core Leadership & Management Skills for Service Leaders – combined programmes
  • Newer Consultants
  • Clinical Governance and Risk
  • Assertiveness – delivered in a supportive, behaviour-enhancing manner
  • Communications, Influencing & Negotiations
  • Presentation Skills – basic and advanced
  • Appraisals, Mentoring & Coaching – including how to set up a good system
  • Revalidation & Strengthened Appraisals
  • Team-building & Effective Team Performance
  • Performance Management
  • Understanding finance and service financial management
  • Rectifying Poor Performance – systemically and in individuals e.g. a junior doctor
  • Motivation – including how to build motivating, high performance environments

We can construct complex programmes involving a range of topics designed to increase capability in specific areas e.g. service management, or provide more general programmes to enhance the skills of distinct groups e.g. service leads, consultants, matrons etc.Enquire

Clinical Business Excellence (Service Line Management)

Today, services need to rapidly adapt to a very different, high risk, high consequence competitive environment. That’s where we really come in to our own. We have the most extensive range of programmes specially to put services on the straight and narrow, permanently.

  • Insights – Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape
  • Core Skills in Strategic Business Excellence for Service Leaders
  • Core Skills in Clinical Effectiveness & Improvement
  • Core Skills in Marketing, PR & Referral Management for Clinical Services
  • Mastering Business Development, Partnership Working & Tendering
  • Core Skills in Creating Excellence in Patient Experience
  • Core Skills in Finance & Business Planning for Consultants & Clinical Leaders
  • Optimising Cost Improvement Programmes at a Service Level
  • Advanced Influencing, Negotiation & Engagement Skills
  • Developing and Effective Reputation
  • Service Competitiveness
  • Developing Strategy & Reaching Consensus

We can build an intelligent programme or journey involving training, e-learning and hand-holding to ensure that transformation happens and sticks. Enquire

Typical Challenges

Another way of considering what we do is to look at the challenges you face that we commonly resolve:

  • Developing strategy in an era of uncertainty
  • Reducing clinical-managerial divides & improving collaborative working
  • Supporting financial reform and turnaround (we’d rather we helped beforehand to prevent it though)
  • Resolving complex, double-loop problems from within
  • Building change management capacity and insight
  • Evolving culture
  • Developing competitiveness and strategy
  • Resolving conflict
  • Sickness & absence reduction
  • Improving performance
  • Reducing cost & improving financial performance
  • Enabling change
  • Fixing patient experience
  • Resolving motivation & morale issues
  • Establishing robust leadership & management

Essentially, if the challenge involves people and leadership, then we are confident we can deliver. Enquire

Typical Methods & Accreditations

We employ a wide variety of methods designed around everything from the group members to budgetary constraints and breadth of topics. The goal is always to ensure that everybody gains the right insight, learns how to apply it and enjoys the journey too. Typically, we employ a mixture of the following methods

  • Face-to-face
  • Online
  • New media
  • Coaching
  • Action learning
  • Blended learning

Additionally, our hugely experienced and qualified training team carries the following accreditations:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)
  • FIRO-B
  • Academyst Behavioural Drivers Questionnaire (BDQ)
  • Leadership Qualities Framework (LQF)

We don’t use any of these simply because we can. Each programme adopts or utilises specific tools purposefully to achieve distinct aims.