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Professional Choices Morning Session Filling Rapidly

In response to an increasing number of requests, we have organised a further session to help consultant personally deal with the increasingly irreconcilable circumstances they are finding themselves in. This includes overwhelming load, unsafe services and a pressure to adopt terms and conditions that are disadvantageous, almost always backed up by “it’s for the greater … Continued

Excited About Our New Web Platform

We are very excited to announce our new website/ web platform that will allow us to be much more timely with information and more importantly, provide a greater level of advice, as distinct from just marketing the courses and services we have to offer. A good web platform needs to serve both needs, allowing you … Continued

The Service Transformation Chronology Trap (Part 2)

In the first part of this 2-part explanation of the importance of chronology in transformation, we examined transformation first by splitting it into 3 distinct forms, so that we could understand the chronological relationship of those forms. On closer examination, it becomes patently obvious why Trusts are constantly fire-fighting when they have not undertaken the … Continued

The Service Transformation Chronology Trap (Part 1)

There is a very real and worrying common reality emerging across the Acute Trust sector, in that many are facing concurrent deficit positions and/ or declining financial health, coupled to variable or declining clinical quality. Whether we have a system sliding  towards financial failure or clinical failure (or both) and whether one is a worse … Continued

When Leaders Compete – A Recipe for a Lose-Lose Disaster

Party season is upon us. No, not festive parties but political ones. With those, especially in sight of a general election, comes a stark illustration of the importance of collaboration in leadership and a difficult lesson about what it might take to produce a win-win solution. More importantly, this week’s competitive posturing suggests that not … Continued

No New Settlement for Healthcare

This week saw the release of the final report by the Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England, an initiative sponsored by The King’s Fund and led by a respected economist, Dame Kate Barker CBE. Having expended considerable effort in calling for greater debate on the sustainability of our health and … Continued