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Building Safer Clinical Systems

Safer for Whom? The sad case of a child death, a manslaughter charge and two careers in ruin should cause every doctor to at least pause, catch breath (ironically not so easy to do today) and consider their own circumstances and service. However, an age-old mindset leaves patients perhaps a little safer and yet the … Continued

Crisis Leadership – the Single Biggest Mistake

Single Biggest Mistake in a Crisis As you look around you, I am pretty sure the word ‘crisis’ must go through your mind. We have heard such from an increasing number of increasingly prominent individuals, with words or phrases including train wreck, catastrophe and humanitarian crisis. They aren’t unreasonable choices of words, given the 12-hour … Continued

Use of Health Economics & Population Data

As I teach or lecture on our changing system, I never cease to be amazed at the gasps I get when I show the population and economic data. The key word here is ‘data’, not an opinion, or a politically motivated statement but real data, from good sources like the Office of National Statistics (ONS). … Continued

Regaining the Ability to Adapt, Perform & Survive (Part 1)

So why is it so difficult to achieve significant transformation in a timely manner, without fallout? It’s the question that just about every Trust senior executive wrestles with constantly and just about everybody within a Trust has somebody else to blame for why it’s so. Download Now