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Academyst Learning Subscriptions

Innovation, Cost-effectiveness & Game-changing Accessibility

Our emerging healthcare environment is one of no compromise and that demands a no-compromise approach to equipping yourself with the knowledge, skills and insight necessary. Our Subscriptions, Academies and Group E-learning Licenses are without equals.

For Individuals

For individuals, we have two possible approaches, depending on just how much learning you want to do and in what depth.

Learning Subscriptions

Each learning subscription consists of a collection of e-learning programmes on distinct topics such as leadership or personal effectiveness, designed to allow you to learn to a depth that is beyond anything else around. What’s more, our Learning Subscriptions are so cost-effective you’ll keep checking the price to make sure it’s right!

Currently available:
  • Insights – Understanding the Emerging Healthcare Environment
  • Leadership & Transformation
  • Achieve – Time Management & Personal Effectiveness
  • Personal Effectiveness & Success

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Individual Programmes

You can simply purchase access to individual programmes as and when you need to, for the specific topics of interest. All of our programmes are held on the brand new eMedicus Digital Learning Platform, providing the following benefits:

  • Highest possible learning quality and experience
  • Single, unified log in to access all of your programmes
  • CPD Points & downloadable certificate for each programme
  • Option to purchase singly or as part of a package

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For Groups

We have multiple options for groups, allowing you to make the right learning available to many at price-levels that will make you smile… lots!

Licensed Programmes

Take any of our e-learning programmes and purchase group access at per person costs you probably didn’t think were possible. Different sized licenses for different sized groups. Discover more about Group Licensing

Group Learning Subscriptions

Our Group Learning Subscriptions allow you to grant access to a whole subject area to everyone in a group at a price that defies belief, increasing accessibility and enhancing performance. What’s more the subscription comes with discussion and interaction tools to massively enhance group learning. Discover more about Group Subscriptions

Learning Academies

Learning Academies are Learning Subscriptions with the addition of enhanced collaboration and interaction tools to enable your group to achieve whilst learning and put new learning into practise. Academies come into their own supporting transformation or Service Line Management. Discover more about Group Academies