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The work we do in supporting teams to develop a deep insight into our emerging system and what it means to them
is perhaps the most important thing we do. It literally transforms a group’s propensity and capability to face their challenges intelligently.

The Need

There are very compelling reasons why every service or group needs a thorough understanding of the emerging NHS on which to base intelligent decisions and actions:

  • Ability and propensity to reform services intelligently
  • Development of an aligned strategy for a service
  • Heightened but appropriate sense of risk, threat and opportunity
  • The basis for consensus
  • To support intelligent business planning
  • The fundamental foundation for Service Line Management

These are just a few of the many and compelling reasons but perhaps the most important question is “just what kind of trail of destruction can you leave if you are basing decisions and actions on the wrong understanding?” That’s scary.

The Issues

In truth, the vast majority of even very senior individuals just don’t understand the system that they operate in. It’s really scary but it’s totally true. We conducted a 20 question MCQ on the new system, commissioning, finance etc and had over 2,000 participants. The results were really frightening:

  • Mean score of senior clinical staff – 4.8 (out of 20)
  • Mean score when managers were added in – 4.9 (out of 20)

Let’s be clear here – these are individuals responsible for multi-million pound clinical services, development of service strategy, cost improvement, reforms etc and they are taking decisions and actions on a knowledge base that is the same as random guessing (the scores could have been from random guessing).

Try the Insights questionnaire for yourself Try the Insights questionnaire for yourself

The Service


We can develop a depth of understanding in your group in a number of ways, depending on the context, wider circumstances and any concurrent transformation process that is being undertaken. The following are just some of the ways we have approached this:

  • Single, standalone day for groups e.g. Service Leads, Matrons etc
  • As part of a Consultant Conference
  • As the Launch Day for a series of capability-building programmes
  • Coupled to a Facilitated Discussion on meaning, consequences and appropriate action

If you get in touch, we can discuss the circumstances and advise on how best to approach this.

2 Powerful Programmes

We utilise derivations of two distinct programmes to enhance the knowledge and insight of your group. In face-to-face form, each can be run in a single, very busy, day.

Insights – Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape

Our ground-breaking programme has proved so effective at mobilising groups and enhancing their ability to act that we have run it in some Trusts more than 10 times. It comes in 3 forms:

All versions are delivered by Andrew Vincent, with his deep system insight and profound ability to explain this and its implications in engaging and useful terms.

Understanding & Working Effectively with Commissioning

Also run in 3 forms, as above, this programme is designed to ensure your service leaders and senior staff fully understand the new commissioning structure, how it works and, more importantly, how it can affect them, along with how best to work with it. Anything less than this level of understanding leaves your services vulnerable to commissioning risk.

All versions are again delivered by Andrew Vincent, because this area too relies on a deep system knowledge and widespread experience of how it is emerging.

The Lead

Andrew Vincent, Partner

Andrew is Partner of Academyst LLP and Head of Clinical Business Excellence, specialising in assisting clinical services in complex transformations, including adapting to a provider-based market economy. His inspiring approach is based on building a far better understanding across teams of how healthcare policy change is likely to affect them, to help them define their transformational journey,

whilst utilising his deep understanding of leadership and behaviour to enable them to achieve transformation, often in extremely challenging financial circumstances. He is renowned for his deep insight into the emerging healthcare agenda but perhaps equally for his insight into the mindset and behaviours of those affected by this agenda and just how to move these into alignment with what it will take to be successful at a service level today and tomorrow.

A vigorous writer, he is an Oxford University Press author and has an MBA (with Distinction – very proud…) from Manchester. However, despite his academic credentials, it is his huge breadth and depth of experiences from across the UK healthcare arena that he brings to the table, along with a highly provocative style of raising the real issues in the way of genuine (and monumental) transformation of services.

Discover More About Andrew

The Results

Fantastic speaker, excellent presentation. Must attend. I wish this was part of our senior clinical education away day.
Consultant Endocrinologist, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The detail and extent of the changing picture in the new healthcare system explained together in a way that made sense. Excellent, thought provoking course.
HR Business Partner, Aintree Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The course should be mandatory for consultants and some of their managers – I have sent my junior colleagues to them.
Consultant Urologist, Eastbourne District General Hospital

Andrew is a fantastic facilitator. He explains a complex topic with much enthusiasm and is an engaging speaker.
Locum Consultant Dermatologist, Homerton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Fantastic course and one that will significantly contribute to your own, your service’s and your organisation’s approach and understanding.
Divisional Chief Operating Officer – Surgery & Anaesthesia, Aintree Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Speaker was very engaging and easy to listen to, pitched at just the right level. This is the second course I have attended with you, both excellent and left me energised and enthusiastic.
Consultant Psychiatrist, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

Based on this one, it’s vital that Clinicians get the opportunity to understand the environment in which they are operating and how they can influence success & sustainability.
Management Consultant, SRS Associates

It helped me to understand the issues and made me more confident for the future.
Specialty Doctor in Paediatrics, South Devon NHS Foundation Trust