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SAS Learning & Development Services

Academyst has a rich heritage in SAS doctor learning, supported by some of the most experienced educators in their fields. We fully understand the unique context of SAS doctors and the challenges they face professionally. Couple that to our deep understanding of the emerging healthcare landscape and you have a development partner second to none.

In-house Training

Our face-to-face learning courses & events have long been the Gold Standard in in-house training, packed with deep system insight and highly pertinent to the unique context of SAS doctors. With service and support levels that are unbeatable, you’ll find our costs surprisingly reasonable too. We can organise anything from a single day to a programme for a whole region.

  • Full operational support
  • Most extensive course available
  • Ability to tailor all courses
  • Can combine face-to-face with online learning

More about SAS Doctor training

Courses & Programmes

We have one of the most extensive ranges of courses available today for SAS doctors. You can see the up-to-date list and details by visiting our online course catalogue.


Blended Learning Approaches

More and more often, a great programme is a combination of face-to-face and online learning, allowing key concepts to be developed in person but depth of knowledge and insight built up over time. Not only do we have a huge experience of blended programmes but we also have the most comprehensive bank of non-clinical online learning available today.

  • Any combination of classroom & online courses
  • Packages of learning in key topics (see below)
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Can be combined with your own learning platform (again, see below)

SAS Conferences

As we have such an extensive range of courses, we have also been able to run whole SAS doctor conferences, providing a wide range of talks across a variety of subjects. Without doubt, having us handle everything from delegate management to the programme itself, in full consultation, is by far the easiest way of providing a significant and unique learning event. Just complete the enquiry form below and we’ll be delighted to tell you more.

SAS Learning Packages

Always the innovators in learning, we wanted to tackle the way we learn to be more consistent with how life runs and to be more accessible, given the time and cost challenges we all face today. The result was our learning package approach and it’s truly ground-breaking.

What’s a Learning Package

Quite simply, it’s the easiest, most comprehensive and most cost-effective way to organise SAS training today. It also helps overcome a big, ongoing challenge – engagement. A learning package is a combination of elements designed to address a wide variety of learning needs and access abilities. It includes:

  • Number of face-to-face learning events
  • Integrated online learning modules in key topics
  • Unique, ground-breaking platform
  • All for one low fee!

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