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First Class Bespoke Training for SAS Doctors

Academyst has a rich heritage in SAS doctor learning, supported by some of the most experienced educators in their fields. We fully understand the unique context of SAS doctors and the challenges they face professionally. Let us tell you a bit more about our service.

About the Training

Our Ethos

We have a small number of sacrosanct principles that are fundamental to the learning we provide. They are designed to ensure your group returns more enthusiastic about their own development and opportunities than before and certainly more capable. In simple terms, they are:

  • To always be better than anything else available
  • To provide real, context-appropriate, practical skills
  • To be more knowledgeable and with deeper insight
  • To stimulate deeper thinking & interest in key topics
  • To guarantee all that we do

100% Money-back Guarantee

To give you peace of mind and to keep us on our toes, we guarantee all that we do, 100%, without quibble or weird clauses. Your learning budget has been hard fought and you’ll want to protect it. We agreed with that sentiment.

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Methods & Delivery

You don’t want to just sit there and listen, do you? No? We thought not. Good quality training is practical, engaging, thought-provoking and pertinent to real life. You’ll find our training a rich blend of lectures, exercises, discussions and case studies. We don’t rely on role play because good learning doesn’t scare the wits out of you and we know that role play does. There are many alternative and better ways – and we use them!

Constructing the Right Programme

You’ll find us highly collaborative but equally a true partner too. We’ll work to understand what you are trying to achieve, any sticking points or specific problems, how best to engage your specific group and any special requirements. We’ll then provide a proposal of how best to structure the learning. Sometimes you’ll have strong ideas of what you want already and sometimes you’ll be expecting us to advise you and make suggestions. We’ll adapt accordingly, always have your group’s interests at heart and propose an engaging set of options based on:

  • Straight-forward Face-to-face Courses
  • Mixture of Courses & Online Learning (Blended)
  • Learning Packages
  • Conference-style Events
  • Psychological Tools & Assessments

Blended Learning Approaches

More and more often, a great programme is a combination of face-to-face and online learning, allowing key concepts to be developed in person but depth of knowledge and insight built up over time. Not only do we have a huge experience of blended programmes but we also have the most comprehensive bank of non-clinical online learning available today.

  • Any combination of classroom & online courses
  • Packages of learning in key topics
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Learning integrated into your own learning platform

What can we do?

Our face-to-face learning courses & events have long been the Gold Standard in in-house training, packed with deep system insight and highly pertinent to the unique context of SAS doctors. The topics we cover span a broad range of arenas, including:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Clinical Business Excellence
  • Quality, Safety & Improvement
  • Personal & Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Professional Development
  • Educational Supervision & Teaching

We have one of the most extensive ranges of courses available today for SAS doctors. You can see the up-to-date list and details by visiting our online course catalogue.


SAS Learning Packages

One of the most cost-effective and lasting training legacies your can organise is a Learning Package from Academyst, consisting of a carefully blended combination of face-to-face learning and extensive online learning, all integrated into your own Learning, Interaction & Collaboration Platform. It’s an enormous amount of learning, available over time, for a very modest fee. It can be tailored to your group size too.

  • Number of face-to-face learning events
  • Integrated online learning modules in key topics
  • Unique, ground-breaking platform
  • All for one low fee!

Quite simply, it’s the easiest, most comprehensive and most cost-effective way to organise SAS training today. It also helps overcome a big, ongoing challenge – engagement. By centering the learning out of your own unique Learning & Interaction platform, it encourages a sense of group cohesion and acts as SAS-central for your group. It can seriously ease the job of the tutor too.

Enquire below and we’ll gladly send you more information.


About the Service & Team

Above & Beyond

We bet you are busy enough without having to worry about the nitty gritty involved in organising training. That’s why we operate in a way designed to make life as simple as humanly possible. This includes:


  • Full event management, from start to finish
  • Design of a unique brochure to help you publicise
  • Online & telephone registrations
  • All confirmations and joining instructions
  • All materials, certificates etc
  • Liaison with venues and caterers
  • Evaluations and a post-event report


Our goal is to get your event up and running with minimal fuss and as close to zero effort on your part as possible, leaving you to chivvy up the attendees and relax in the knowledge that your event is in good hands.


Reliable Heritage

Since SAS groups first gained funding for their development, we have worked with in excess of 100 different groups providing and wide variety of learning for a wide variety of organisations:

  • Hospitals, Community & Mental Health Trusts
  • Deaneries
  • One-off Days to Extensive Programmes
  • E-learning – alone or blended with courses
  • SAS Doctor Conferences
  • Unique, Cost-effective Learning Packages



A great many SAS doctors have said a whole host of lovely things. These include, to quote just a few:

  • “It helped me to understand the issues and made me more confident for the future.” (Specialty Doctor in Paediatrics, South Devon NHS Foundation Trust)
  • “Inspiring tutor, excellent communicator.” (Specialty Doctor, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust)
  • “Active interaction & real life examples & colleagues experiences – I would recommend this course to friends and colleagues.” (Specialty Doctor, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals)
  • “I found the course extremely stimulating and informative. I would suggest other medical professionals attend this course.” (Specialty Doctor, Psychiatry, Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust)


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Meeting the Team

We have a very experienced team, both on the operational side and the delivery side. With a dedicated Customer Services function headed up by Martin there is always someone on hand to help both organisers and delegates alike. The training team is second to none, with a hugely experienced group of individuals with considerable healthcare training expertise. You may come into contact with:

  • Andrew Vincent, Partner
  • Sara Watkin, Partner & Medical Director
  • Paul Hollinshead, Senior Consultant in Leadership
  • Vaughan Roberts, Senior Management Trainer
  • John Jupp OBE, Senior Consultant in Leadership


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Share Training across Neighbouring SAS Groups

For many SAS Groups, getting 20 doctors together for a learning event on a specific day is a big challenge. The impact of this difficulty is that so many courses end up with half the capacity unfilled and the Tutor questioning whether it was all worth it. No longer. EasyShare allows you to organise a learning event, decide how many places you’ll need internally and then offer the rest to surrounding services, but… without any of the work!

If you’d like to know more about sharing across groups, just let us know in the form below.

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