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Core Skills in Clinical Governance

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Academyst from eMedicus Ltd.61 Day

Clinical Governance has become the backbone for ensuring that NHS organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care, by creating an environment in which clinical excellence will flourish. This has become even more important in an era of Duty of Candour following Mid Staffordshire and other clinical and cultural failings. At least five more years of austerity adds to the imperative to ensure that all staff understand these important principles and know how to implement them across services. This practical & comprehensive course provides you with the essential knowledge and tools you need to drive forward service development with increased quality and patient safety at its heart and where the whole multidisciplinary team is committed to these principles.


Going forward, we have made the decision to concentrate on our ever growing In House/Bespoke course delivery, rather than open courses. With ever greater financial pressures on Trusts, this allows us to deliver a lower per person cost, with no travel for delegates as an added bonus.

We are able to come into your trust and deliver highly cost-effective, first class training service to groups of typically between 8 – 20 delegates (larger numbers can be accommodated on request).  For 8 or more delegates, the in-house rate saves both Trust and individuals money, not to mention the time-saving from not having to travel. 

Most of our courses can be tailored to suit specific groups e.g. consultants, SAS doctors, allied healthcare professionals etc, or structured for mixed groups. We are also finding that 2 or 3 local trusts may join forces to put on a training course, allowing more attendees and thus lowering the cost per person still further.



  • What clinical governance is and is not
  • Relationship with corporate, integrated & shared governance
  • Standards for better health
  • 7 pillars of clinical governance
  • Duty of Candour – understanding and applying
  • Learning from Mid Staffordshire
  • The organisational and system contribution to care failings
  • Approaching clinical governance with renewed commitment
  • Getting buy in to clinical governance from the whole team
  • Making clinical governance part of organisational culture
  • Pareto principle in relation to clinical governance
  • Developing a robust model that works & delivers improvement
  • Developing a clinical effectiveness strategy
  • Clinical audit models
  • Performing risk assessments
  • Risk management - protection of patient, self, team and Trust
  • Involving public and patients - are they the same or different?
  • Developing a public and patient involvement strategy
  • How and what can we learn from the patient experience?
  • Developing an open culture over incident reporting
  • Learning from complaints and clinical incidents
  • Management of serious incidents
  • Conducting effective root cause analysis
  • Use of an incident decision tree
  • Effective communication to prevent complaints escalating
  • Ensuring the right outcomes are measured
  • Implementing clinical governance outcomes
  • RAID model for implementing change
  • Safety concerns in the modern system or service
  • Communicating outcomes & issues to senior management
  • Ensuring that management listens when safety is at risk
  • What to do when people aren’t listening

Course Dates

  • ~ - 30th, Jun 2030


  • Standard Price: £0.00

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Healthcare is tough today and the training you receive must adequately address that reality. No idealism or wishy-washy, overly academic regurgitation, just focused, bang up-to-date, hard-hitting, highly practical courses designed to address the things you need to be very good at today. Equally, your study leave time and budget are both scarce and precious. We won’t waste your time, we work hard to provide the very best training at professionally sustainable fees (lower than many) and we NEVER compromise on learning quality. Other practical reasons include:

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  • Many courses are augmented by significant additional e-learning for depth
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Academyst Select is a truly comprehensive approach to supporting you from both the learning perspective and in how you use or implement that learning. By operating with reduced participants and days i.e. only working with comparatively few individuals, we are able to provide an unmatched and truly enabling level of support.

Academyst Select courses have as standard:

  • Open dialogue with the team and more targeted advice on your specific issues
  • Access to ongoing implementation advice
  • Full-sized PDFs of all slides used
  • Implementation Guide to help you apply principles and learning
  • Implementation Materials – actual documents, slides & models that you can use

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