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Quality Improvement Excellence

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Grow Medical from eMedicus Ltd.61 Day

Quality Improvement is a backbone capability of any service, Trust or healthcare system and even more vital in an era of increased pressure such as today. Done correctly, it can produce simultaneous benefits in quality of care for patients and cost improvement for services, as well as being enormously rewarding to the participants. Approached in the wrong way, it can feel like wading through treacle and a minefield of behavioural and system-based traps. This comprehensive programme is designed to ensure you have a truly solid base of skills with which you can confidently lead high-value quality improvement projects and programmes. Designed to ensure you choose well, set up right and understand how best to steer your programme to successful conclusion. Furthermore, we’ll ensure you understand how to marry both clinical and business objectives, cases and evidence to ensure you become an invaluable improvement agent for your present or future Trust.


During the programme, we will provide you with tools and forms to work up a QI project, with guidance on what to consider and what to be mindful of, based on our considerable experience of running QI programmes involving actual projects.

Going forward, we have made the decision to concentrate on our ever growing In House/Bespoke course delivery, rather than open courses. With ever greater financial pressures on Trusts, this allows us to deliver a lower per person cost, with no travel for delegates as an added bonus.

We are able to come into your trust and deliver highly cost-effective, first class training service to groups of typically between 8 – 20 delegates (larger numbers can be accommodated on request).  For 8 or more delegates, the in-house rate saves both Trust and individuals money, not to mention the time-saving from not having to travel. 

Most of our courses can be tailored to suit specific groups e.g. consultants, SAS doctors, allied healthcare professionals etc, or structured for mixed groups. We are also finding that 2 or 3 local trusts may join forces to put on a training course, allowing more attendees and thus lowering the cost per person still further.



  • Improvement - what do we really mean?
  • Utilising performance management systems to identify improvement
  • Where there's variability there's vulnerability
  • Using our Quality Grid to spot potential
  • Misalignment & environmentally-driven improvement
  • Commissioner-driven improvement
  • Effective use of audit to identify improvements
  • National Standards, key targets and obligations
  • Modern techniques for finding improvement potential
  • Identifying improvement potential in patient flows
  • Examining performance outlier data
  • Pathway analysis & re-design
  • Clinical observational techniques
  • Bringing lean into the clinical arena
  • Key strategies for choosing what to do
  • Quality versus safety versus financial carrots
  • Applying the Delphi Technique
  • Undertaking Quality Impact Analysis


  • Success is designed from the beginning
  • Common pitfalls
  • Applying the Theory of Constraints
  • Stakeholders and stakeholder mapping
  • Stakeholder risk mitigation
  • Understanding influences, behaviour & risk perceptions
  • Avoiding the Limbic Response
  • Assembling a Guiding Coalition
  • Gaining the mandate to lead improvement unimpinged
  • A compelling case of need
  • Ensuring consensus
  • Half-baked is still uncooked


  • The difference between leading and managing
  • Matching leadership approach to complexity & people
  • Setting vision & direction in improvement
  • Effective situational analysis
  • Going in with your eyes open
  • The sledge on the ice principle
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Ensuring high engagement & high motivation
  • Effective team deployment & management
  • Understanding psychological influences in leading projects
  • Choosing the right project approach
  • Hard systems versus soft systems approaches
  • Effective project planning
  • Adopting the best of PRINCE2 (and ditching the rest)
  • Effective risk management in projects
  • Project effectiveness in 12 steps


  • Common pitfalls and typical blocks
  • Applying ENABLEMENT to improvement
  • Power blocks & how to address them
  • Working across departmental boundaries
  • Working across organisational boundaries
  • Common sources of resistance to change
  • Resistance mitigation strategies
  • Positive influencing techniques
  • When push comes to shove - how to address intransigence
  • Unpicking the complex organisation
  • Critical advice for overcoming blocks

Course Dates

  • ~ - 30th, Jun 2030


  • Standard Price: £0.00

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Healthcare is tough today and the training you receive must adequately address that reality. No idealism or wishy-washy, overly academic regurgitation, just focused, bang up-to-date, hard-hitting, highly practical courses designed to address the things you need to be very good at today. Equally, your study leave time and budget are both scarce and precious. We won’t waste your time, we work hard to provide the very best training at professionally sustainable fees (lower than many) and we NEVER compromise on learning quality. Other practical reasons include:

  • 100% Money-back Guarantee
  • Just 12 Participants Per Course (Academyst Select)
  • Extremely experienced faculty with seniority & genuine gravitas
  • Many courses are augmented by significant additional e-learning for depth
  • Academyst Select Courses

Academyst Select is a truly comprehensive approach to supporting you from both the learning perspective and in how you use or implement that learning. By operating with reduced participants and days i.e. only working with comparatively few individuals, we are able to provide an unmatched and truly enabling level of support.

Academyst Select courses have as standard:

  • Open dialogue with the team and more targeted advice on your specific issues
  • Access to ongoing implementation advice
  • Full-sized PDFs of all slides used
  • Implementation Guide to help you apply principles and learning
  • Implementation Materials – actual documents, slides & models that you can use

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