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Testimonials & Feedback

Every single one of the comments below is genuine, lifted directly from the post-programme evaluation forms, unedited (except maybe the odd spelling error). It’s also worth considering that a great deal of our work involves consultants and we think it’s true to say that you have pretty high standards and don’t suffer fools gladly. You will find more testimonials on individual course pages.

Deep System Insight

“Fantastic speaker, excellent presentation. Must attend. I wish this was part of our senior clinical education away day.”
Consultant Endocrinologist, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“The detail and extent of the changing picture in the new healthcare system explained together in a way that made sense. Excellent, thought provoking course.”
HR Business Partner, Aintree Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“The course should be mandatory for consultants and some of their managers – I have sent my junior colleagues to them.”
Consultant Urologist, Eastbourne District General Hospital

“Andrew is a fantastic facilitator. He explains a complex topic with much enthusiasm and is an engaging speaker.”
Locum Consultant Dermatologist, Homerton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“Fantastic course and one that will significantly contribute to your own, your service’s and your organisation’s approach and understanding.”
Divisional Chief Operating Officer – Surgery & Anaesthesia, Aintree Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Speaker was very engaging and easy to listen to, pitched at just the right level. This is the second course I have attended with you, both excellent and left me energised and enthusiastic.”
Consultant Psychiatrist, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

“Based on this one, it’s vital that Clinicians get the opportunity to understand the environment in which they are operating and how they can influence success & sustainability.”
Management Consultant, SRS Associates

“It helped me to understand the issues and made me more confident for the future.”
Specialty Doctor in Paediatrics, South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

“Absolutely essential to your understanding of the future of the NHS. Andrew is a brilliant facilitator.”
Market Development Manager, Boehringer-Ingelheim

“Very useful, gives real insight into not only how things work, but explains why.”
Locum Consultant, Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

“Exceeding expectations indeed. Online courses are also available for a fraction of the price if you are too busy to attend.”
Consultant Breast Radiologist, Kettering General Hospital

“Fantastic canter across the landscape, I ‘joined the dots’ on many things not seen in a holistic way previously. Thank you.”
HR Business Partner, Aintree Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“As the course went on, I found myself thinking about my work in new ways. I would recommend this course to anyone in a senior position in the NHS.”
Consultant Psychiatrist, Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust


“Very useful and enjoyable – challenges and expands the understanding of Leadership & Management. Really essential.”
Consultant Histopathologist, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

“As the course went on, I found myself thinking about my work in new ways. I would recommend this course to anyone in a senior position in the NHS.”
Consultant Psychiatrist, Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

“Very keen to get back and broad scan my service, develop a vision and move towards the future.”
Consultant Paediatrician, South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

“Has helped me to re-focus and plan a way forward. Very enjoyable, would encourage others to attend.”
Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse

“The whole day was very inspiring. Great to have a facilitator that knows his specialty!”
Lead Nurse, Palliative Care.

“High quality course, credible. Helped me to clarify the next steps in my role.”
Consultant Physician, Doncaster Royal Infirmary

“The actual practical tips were excellent. Should be mandatory for senior executive roles.”
Consultant, Basildon Hospital

“Excellent 2 days – well worth attending. A must for leaders in the NHS.”
Consultant Haematologist, Kettering General Hospital

“Try it, it is definitely of benefit.”
Consultant radiologist, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS trust

“I would recommend this course to managers in particular.”
GP, Cowes Medical Centre

“Excellent, passionate, great ideas. Good value with innovative approach.”
Consultant, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Relevant to clinical practice and useful strategies that I can apply in my current place of work and use to develop the service.”
Locum Consultant, Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Inspiring tutor, excellent communicator.”
Specialty Doctor, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

“This is excellent for newly appointed Clinical Lead – even better if you are thinking of moving to this role.”
Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Oxford Radcliffe Hospital NHS Trust

Clinical Director Programmes

“After returning from the Clinical Leadership course held by this training provider, I have to say, my impression was that I had attended the best course in my career.”
Consultant & Head of Service, Emergency Medicine – Russell’s Hall Hospital

“Very keen to get back and broad scan my service, develop a vision and move towards the future.”
Consultant Paediatrician, South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

“I have been on a number of their courses. I would recommend them. All have given me new insight into areas of leadership and working in teams.”
Clinical Neurophysiology, Nottingham University NHS Trust

“Do it! Useful and up to date. No time wasting in this course.”
Consultant Anaesthetist, South Devon Healthcare Trust

“This organisation has a passion which is reflected in the content, delivery & enthusiasm. It is inspirational.”
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Royal Gwent Hospital

“Recommend without hesitation.”
Consultant A&E, Royal Cornwall Hospital

“It was apparent that the training team as a whole are dedicated to improving the way in which clinicians can interact effectively with health care managers and also to give clinicians the necessary guidance and skills to themselves become effective managers.”
Consultant Intensivist, NHS

“Excellent course – one of the best I’ve ever attended.”
Consultant in Stroke Medicine, Blackpool Victoria Hospital

“Please pass on my gratitude to Andrew for such a fabulous course. I will recommend his company to all my colleagues!”
Consultant Microbiologist, Portsmouth Hospital

Service Line Management (Clinical Business Excellence)

“I would highly recommend it – unique insights not taught on other courses.”

Consultant, Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust

“Excellent course, well worth undertaking.”

Manager, NHS West Midlands

“Applying a framework towards your own areas of care to identify and implement improvement. Highly recommended.”

SPR, Rheumatology, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

“Excellent and very useful, applying concepts to own specialty and clinical mapping.”

Senior Lecturer / Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

“Extremely useful.”

Consultant Paediatrician, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Quality, Clinical Governance, Audit & Experience Programmes

“Clear structured programme with good clinical examples and very practical advice. I would really recommend this course; it was high quality of delivery with the appropriate level of clinical experience.”

Consultant Psychiatrist, Barnet Enfield and Haringey NHS Trust

“I have found all aspects valuable and will alter my practice. Very useful, food for thought.”

Clinical Governance Manager, Active Care Partnerships

“Great way to see how other organisations & other professionals work & see governance.”

Divisional Governance Co-ordinator (Nursing), University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

“Would recommend sincerely!”

Consultant Physician, North London Central Trust

“Good group, great facilitation, interesting content – worthwhile day.”

Consultant in Anaesthesia, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

“Excellent, made the topic more interesting than I expected.”

Diabetes Nurse Consultant, NHS Birmingham East & North

Management Programmes

“Everyone in a management role should have to do a course like this.”

Lead Research Nurse/Midwife & AHP Senior Research Manager, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

“This course stimulates thinking rather than focussing on theory. I would certainly recommend.”

Consultant Surgeon and Clinical Lead, Ealing Hospitals NHS trust

“I found the course extremely stimulating and informative. I would suggest other medical professionals attend this course.”

Specialty Doctor, Psychiatry, Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust

“Active interaction & real life examples & colleagues experiences – I would recommend this course to friends and colleagues.”

Specialty Doctor, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals

“Gives you insight about yourself and others working with you.”

Forensic Psychiatrist, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Financial Effectiveness

“This is an invaluable course for any NHS Consultant especially in the current financial climate. The course was pitched at just the right level without being dull unlike previous finance courses I have attended. I feel that I now have the insight and knowledge to discuss financial matters with managers. This course is a must for every clinician!”

Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist, Birmingham Children’s Hospital

“This is an excellent course. I wish I had done this in my earlier days in the NHS. It’s certainly a must for all Clinical Directors and all final year SpR.”

Clinical Director of Cardiac Services, University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire

“Very practical, delivered by a speaker who knows the NHS very well.”

Consultant Psychiatrist, Great Ormond St Hospital for Children NHS Trust

“An essential course.”

Consultant, East Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust

“All very appropriate and useful. I would recommend to other Health Professionals and Clinical Leaders.”

Physiotherapy Lead, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“Excellent course where a subject was made understandable and interesting.”

Consultant, The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust

“Simple explanations of financial terminology and clinical implications. I would strongly recommend this particular course to colleagues and senior trainees.”

Consultant Paediatrician, Royal Berkshire Hospital

“Really good up to date knowledge about the current NHS. Wish I’d had this earlier in my training!”

SpR, Taunton and Somerset NHS Trust

“I would recommend this highly. Well informed & up to date.”

Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Frenchay Hospital

“I found it enjoyable, practical, relevant and very useful. I will recommend it.”

Consultant Haematologist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

“Useful case examples, broad number of topics, concise, insightful.”

Consultant, Kingston Hospital NHS Trust

“Ability to ask lots of questions in a small group setting. Would recommend this course.”

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“I’ve just been appointed Clinical Director and found this course very relevant.”

Consultant Endocrinology and Diabetes, City Hospital Birmingham

“Well worth attending, professionally targeted, Sara & Kevin (trainers) extremely clear presenting of explanations.”

Consultant Microbiologist, City Hospital & West Birmingham

“Very interesting day, very useful for clinical director role, learnt a lot.”

Consultant Neonatologist, Birmingham Women’s NHS Trust

Job Planning

“A thorough course, useful for both Managers and Consultant leaders alike. Informative and illustrative. Very worthwhile.”

Divisional Chief Operating Officer – Surgery & Anaesthesia, Aintree Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Excellent course for Service Leaders, Clinical Leads and Clinical Directors.”

Consultant, Luton & Dunstable Hospital NHS Trust

“Excellent summary of Job Planning and varied, difficult areas. I would recommend it.”

Chairman of Medical Staff & Consultant Radiologist, Aintree Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Excellent, with open discussions – worth attending if you are a Clinical Director.”

Consultant Surgeon, North Cumbria Acute University

“Really useful day – lots of very relevant information. An excellent introduction to the job planning process.”

Clinical Business Manager, Aintree Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“I would consider running this at our hospital.”

Associate Medical Director, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Well delivered, understood the perspective of both Clinician and Manager.”

Medical Staffing Manager, Aintree Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Time Management

“Very well structured with good, practical examples, very interactive sessions. A ‘MUST’ attend.”

Consultant Paediatrician, Pennine Acute Hospital NHS Trust

“Make sure you do it early on in your career to stop yourself getting into bad habits and making it too big a change.”

Consultant Paediatrician, Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust

“Best course I have ever done to change my practice at work and at home.”

Consultant Child Psychiatrist, Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust (Time Management]

“We get little training in this and yet this is what we do day in and day out.”

Consultant Neurologist, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

“All newly appointed Consultants should attend this course.”

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust

“These are courses which make a genuine difference to your working life. A good investment!”

Consultant Psychiatrist, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

Personal & Professional Development

“This course gives you time to self-reflect and learn, not just from your own but others’ experience. This is very rare in everyday, busy NHS life.”

Consultant Histopathologist, UCLH

“Very useful to support your professional development.”

Speciality Doctor, Royal Oldham Hospital

“Has made me think more about my reasons for acting the way I do. Paul was a great facilitator. Thank you. ”

Consultant Anaesthetist, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

“It was excellent and has given me a lot of tools/skills to doing my job not only with patients and relatives but the communication we have with managers too.”

Macmillan Nurse Specialist

“This course exceeded my expectations – very informative & inspiring.”

Consultant, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust